Eduard Warkentin
Senior User Experience Designer

I am a freelance, Berlin-based senior user experience designer with more than 10 years of experience in research, analysis, conception, design and development of interactive applications.


GLS eCom Lab

Since 2017
Creating exceptional delivery experiences

Since spring 2017 I support the eCom Lab of the international logistics company GLS as UX Designer and help to make delivery more efficient and user-friendly.

User Research, Analysis, User Flows, Wireframing, Prototyping, UI Design


Since 2017
Making investments easy – for everyone

Early 2017, the Berlin fintech startup Growney asked me to redesign their website and the same named webapp. The development should be evolutionary and based on user tests. An ongoing cooperation developed.

User Research, Analysis, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Prototyping, UI Design, CSS Specs


In-depth analysis and recommendations

Analysis of visitor statistics and information architecture. Creation and evaluation of user tests and interviews of all relevant user groups. Followed by concrete suggestions for improvement using wireframes for the website of a manufacturer of premium bathroom products.

User Research, Analysis, Information Architecture, Wireframing

Ideal – My Universal Life

Taking an insurance product to the next level

In the summer of 2019, I joined the My Universal Life team at Ideal Versicherung to fundamentally improve the web interface of the insurance product of the same name.

Analysis, Information Architecture, User Flows, Wireframing, Prototyping

Urania Berlin

Making accessible what's the most important – on every device

With a long tradition of over 125 years, Urania Berlin has established itself as one of the leading centers of dialog between science and the public. In 2018, it commissioned Stan Hema to redesign its entire brand communication, including the website, which was to become the main place for ticket sales.

User Research, Analysis, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Prototyping, CSS Specs


Cymra – Norwegian start-up for digital workbooks

Cymra is a simple and intuitive tool for creating digital workbooks and online learning resources where you can easily move from idea to sketch board and draft to final product. The task was to provide a pleasant reading, navigation and working experience on all devices. The result was a responsive Hi-Fi prototype and a bunch of ideas and suggestions inspired by ebook readers.

Analysis, Wireframing, Prototyping, UI Design

Stim Logbook

2015 - 2016
An example of benefits of Microsoft's Univeral App Platform

Stim Logbook is a driver logbook which uses the advantage of Microsofts Universal App Platform to provide a seamless cross device experience. Through the app and GPS, the smart phone works as a drive recorder but it also allows to review and edit rides, routes and destinations. The tablet/desktop app offers a advanced graphical output and a convenient way to edit entries.

Analysis, Wireframing, UI Design, XAML Specs

Citrix Partner Mobile

A fast MVP for Citrix Partners

Back in 2015, I was involved in the design and development of the Citrix PartnerMobile App. It was an MVP and formed a portal to many of the company's web services.

Analysis, User Flows, Wireframing, UI Design


Designing based on data, not fielings

Whenever possible, I always work on the basis of facts – access statistics, user tests, interviews with users and stakeholders...
In this way, all team members have a common understanding of requirements and goals without being completely dependent on personal feelings and assumptions. Especially with existing products it is easier and cheaper than ever to collect significant data.

Product development must be iterative

A digital product is never finished. On one hand, because technical development is so fast, on the other hand, because with each release new insights into users and usage can and must be gathered. The analysis of this data starts a new iteration loop and allows an improvement. Often it becomes really interesting only at the second round, because often only then you have the necessary data. Therefore I prefer a long-term cooperation with my clients.

Release faster, learn faster

Of course, if possible, user tests should be carried out during the design process to gain insights. However, this requires additional resources and the knowledge gained is rarely as meaningful as with a real existing product. That's why I am a fan of the MVP concept.

Deep understanding of technical development

Since I also work as a frontend developer (on a small scale), I have a good, always up-to-date understanding of development processes. This enables me not only to communicate with developers, but also to realize a cost effective design process and implement hi-fi prototypes.

Focus on function with an eye for aesthetics

The most beautiful visual design is useless if the product is not understood. Nevertheless, a really good user experience also needs the appropriate visual appearance. Even though my focus is on conceptual design, I have many years of experience as a UI designer. Furthermore, I often work closely with art directors, UI and communication designers.


User Research
Prototypes (Lo and Hi-Fi)
User Tests
UI Design

JavaScript (JQuery)
Kirby CMS